Will People Judge Me if I Say I’m Addicted?

Will People Judge Me if I Say I'm Addicted?Stigmas in society are difficult to break. For many years, addiction was portrayed as resulting from a lack of self-control or as being related to personality flaws. In recent years, however, efforts have been made to educate society to see addiction as a disease that needs medical attention. Though these efforts have had positive effects, stigmas still exist related to this condition that make it difficult for a person to obtain addiction help.

Advantages of Living in Addiction Recovery

Some people hide in addiction fearing what others may think when they find out. While this is understandable, the benefits of living in recovery are much greater and completely overshadow any judgmental opinions that may arise. These are only some of the many advantages:

  • Confidence that living free of addiction is possible
  • Improvement of health from the beginning of treatment
  • Hope of a better life for the addict and those close of the addict
  • Respect from people who recognize the efforts being taken
  • Overall better conditions in every aspect of the addict’s life

Being honest about your addiction does not necessary mean telling everyone that you have a problem. It is important, though, to be honest about it with the right people. If you have a doctor and a therapist, they need to know every detail of your addiction to give you the necessary help. You can trust in their confidentiality and desire to see you recover.

Sometimes, a group of concerned people may stage an intervention to help an addict with the problem of self-denial. In this case, you can be honest with the interventionist or other treatment professionals who will try to be as supportive as possible in the entire process.

Think of life after addiction instead of being afraid of what other people might think when they find out that you are in treatment. You’ll be able to accomplish the following by living in recovery:

  • Improved relationships with family and friends
  • A productive and healthier work and family life
  • Increased funds now that you don’t need to support the dependence
  • The confidence of undertaking long-term projects

When you have all of this in mind, the negative opinions that others may have become much less significant, and accepting treatment for addiction comes to be a more realistic possibility. Assistance is available to help you find the best treatment for you or someone you care about.

Finding the Right Form of Treatment

You don’t need to feel alone in your search for a rehab center or other treatment options. Our toll-free addiction helpline is available 24 hours a day. Our counselors are ready to receive your call and provide you with the necessary assistance and advice. Our information services are free, and we can offer you information on medically supervised detox programs, transport to and from rehab, counseling for the entire family, insurance support, and options to pay for rehab. Call today.